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Spring 2024 Player Membership

Spring 2024 Player Membership

Please Read:


By purchasing this player membership, you agree to the following contract:


1.    Context 
The purpose of this contract between Royal Palms Soccer Club, LLC. (“the club”), and “the player” or “player”) is to outline the expectations of the club for the player who intends to participate in the upcoming Royal Palms SC seasons in any competition during the spring of 2023. 

2.    Membership Dues
The cost to join the club this season includes club membership, referee fees, and administration fees. The fee does NOT guarantee playing time. Failure to pay fees when due will make the player ineligible per club rules to compete but will not be released from roster.
There will be opportunities to help the player receive a refund for the fee as outlined below: 
1.    The Player may volunteer to work any event held by the club to cover the fee which includes but is not limited to clinics, camps, fundraising events, etc.
2.    The Player may find a company or donor to sign with the club at a specific sponsorship level.
3. Attendance
The training schedule is decided at the beginning of the season and is communicated to every player. The schedule is also subject to change based on team needs and will also be announced immediatley to club personnel. The player should arrive with enough time before hand to get an individual warm up before training as a unit. The time and days are subject to change based on field availability, weather, etc. The player must attend all training sessions during the week to be eligible for that weekend’s game unless the absence is excused by the club’s leadership or head coach. 
If the player misses three (3) games within a rolling five (5) week period, the player will be ineligible for the remainder of the competition’s season, and no refund will be issued regardless of how many games were played.
If the player is not able to attend a training session for any reason, they must communicate with the appropriate leadership at the club at least one (1) hour prior to training.
Failure to give proper notice will result in a $5 fee per occurrence.

4. Game-day Expectations
On game days, there will be expectations from the club to maintain professionalism during games. 
Per club expectations, the player is expected to:
•    Arrive to the venue no later than one hour prior to kickoff with BOTH home and away kits.
•    Wear training vest while not playing.
•    Arrive with warmup kit on.
•    The player is not to approach any of the coaching staff during the game unless called upon by a coach or manager. 
•    Players must stay seated on the bench when not on the field or warming up.
•    Heckling will not be tolerated towards opponents, officials, nor our own club.
•    No player other than the team captain is to speak to the referee during the game.
•    Position and style of play decisions are left to the Coaches, Manager, and Captains ONLY.
Along with these expectations, players not called up to the 20-player game roster are highly encouraged to attend all home games and may be assigned duties to assist the club’s game-day operations.
5.    Player Departures
In the game of football (soccer), it is only natural for a player to be approached by another club. To keep the club’s best interest in mind, the club has set forth a few stipulations. Note: Under NO circumstances are the player fees refunded to the player.
5.1    For inter-league transfers, we will follow the guidelines set forth by the competition which will be shared with the player. Should another team approach the player, the player is to immediately notify club leadership for this is forbidden by most competitions. 
5.2    If the player decides to leave on their own accord, the player agrees to not join any other club without receiving permission from the club for 12 months following the departure. 
5.3    If the player is being dismissed for any disciplinary action (including attendance), the player will not be released from the roster and will therefore not be able to register for another club, and still agrees to not play for any other club until the after the 12 months expire.
5.4   If an incomming player is already registered with another UPSL team, that player will be responisble for paying the transfer fee. 
6.    Fees and Disciplinary Actions
During the season, players are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism both on and off the field. If the club finds that the player is in violation of any of the club’s established rules, there will be fines assessed and it is the player’s responsibility to clear said fines to be eligible to play in the next game. 
During the player’s time at Royal Palms Soccer Club, the club hold the right to dismiss any player for any disciplinary reasons including failure to pay fines, disrespect to coaches, managers, players, fans, etc. without recourse or obligation to refund any fees or dues.


These are charged per occurrence:
Failure to notify leadership of absence:  $5
Two Yellows Resulting in a Red:   $10
Red Card:  $25 + League discipline fees (if applicable) 
Behavior disrupting Game or Training:  $10
Failure to appear 60 minutes prior to kickoff in proper attire:  $10


  • Return Policy

    All sales final

    No returns or exchanges

$600.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
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